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All’aeroporto John F. Kennedy, New York, sono iniziati controlli più approfonditi sui passeggeri provenienti dall’africa occidentale, per ebola

(New York Times) Travelers coming from three hard-hit African countries are being singled out, having their temperatures taken and questioned about their possible exposure to Ebola. Kennedy is the first of five American airports to step up screening protocols and the new measures were the latest indication that of the risk the disease presents. Airports in Canada and Europe also plan to take similar measures in coming days.


Under the new protocols, Customs and Border Protection officers have been directed to single out travelers arriving from three countries – Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone – based on their passport information. They will then be escorted to a special area where, under the guidance of the federal Centers for Disease Control, trained medical staff will take their temperature using a non-contact thermometer aimed at their foreheads. They will also be asked a series of questions. If a traveler has a fever, other symptoms or is revealed to have possible Ebola exposure, they will be evaluated by a C.D.C. quarantine officer.

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