Il Giocone Sterminadiottrie

Mi diverto a disegnare scene affollate e, con la scusa di organizzare dei giochini alla “Where is Wally?”, ogni tanto ne disegno una. I premi sono risibili e consistono fondamentalmente in disegnini. Spero che la cosa vi possa divertire senza danneggiarvi troppo la vista. Stavolta ho disegnato anche un’inutile e confusa storiellina di introduzione.


Questo è il disegnone dove (se ne avete voglia) potete cercare gli orsetti gommosi (cliccate per ingrandire l’immagine)

Questo è lo stesso disegno col reticolo di riferimento per segnalare la posizione degli orsetti

Questa invece è la raccolta delle strisce di Singloids tradotte in inglese (nel caso vi interessi)

e via con la spiegazione delle regole del gioco in inglese:
A year or so after it first appeared, the fascinating and utterly pointless game, “Where’s Tarto?” is back.
Since you were all so quick on the draw last time and started blowing up my inbox with answers less than twenty minutes after the game went live, I tried to make sure you had to sweat a little more this time.
As I wandered around the city, I didn’t realize I was accidentally leaving gummy bears all along the way. You can actually see me in the drawing—I’m at the very bottom right corner. In fact, you can even see the sack with the hole in the bottom and the three gummy bears that have fallen out of it.
Find all the gummy bears in the drawing (including the three that have fallen out of the sack) and, using the version of the drawing with the grid, indicate their exact location by listing the letter and number (e.g., A7 or Z1) of the squares where they are located.
Click on the images to enlarge them.
This time, though, I’m not going to tell you how many gummy bears there are in all.
You have two days to send your answers to me via email to tartaro(@) PLEASE DO NOT submit answers in post comments. Send them to me by email ONLY. That way, you won’t rob any other players of the joy of risking blindness as they squint at the drawings.
The game ends on Friday, at which point, on the basis of my final judgment-without-possibility-of-appeal, the winners will be declared.
The first ten players to send me the location of all the gummy bears win.
In the highly unlikely event that you don’t find all of them, whoever finds the most will win.
Be careful not to get confused by cigarette butts or odd stains on the sidewalk. Each time you list a position where no gummy bears are actually to be found, one point will be deducted from your total.
Let’s get to the prizes. The first three winners will receive the highly coveted “Platinum Nerd” Prize, which consists of a signed copy of the Book of Singloids in English, a special drawing created just for you, and a post card designed, once again, by my very own self.
The next seven winners will be awarded the “Silver Nerd” Prize, a hand-designed post card signed by me.
I will contact all ten lucky winners by email for their mailing addresses.
What, you didn’t win a prize? Or a post card isn’t enough for you?
You can order The Book of Singloids (the English-language Singloids collection) directly from the publisher, FourCats Press, and get a discount ( Only $15 USD via PayPal with postage included (within the U.S.). For orders from outside the U.S., write to for current pricing.